21 April 2006



Sometimes i wonder where all my time goes. what exactly have i done with my day? what have i really gotten done? reality is that on the days that i wonder this-- i usually feel like the picture attached...yup like a ...umm....DONKEY...standing in a field (i took this pic in mexico on a recent mission trip...maybe more on that later). there are 2 reasons i feel this way- 1. well because i realize i am a DONKEY as i have wasted my day and not accomplished anything great....or 2. because i am a DONKEY for doubting that i have accomplished anything--- because hello i got a lot done....but really lately i have felt like a DONKEY because i have this blog and haven't written a dang thing forever...i promise i am back...my ramblings are back....down with the DONKEY!

back to my walkin in a circle and painting