25 May 2006


I recently was given the true gift and opportunity to create an art piece for a friend of mine to represent her recent trip to Zambia, Africa.

anytime i create an art piece i work really hard to make sure the art represents the person it is being created for and is true to the original pictures.

for this piece i wanted the canvases to represent her journey- so i took 9 10"x10" canvases and laid them out as you see. they are connected going down- 3 canvases.

i took her pictures and laid them out and then when looking at them the words to the old hymn "rescue the perishing" came to mind....so those are the words that cover the art piece. you read canvas to canvas- left to right then down to next row.

i chose to use gold and silver paint to represent two precious metals that have to be refined by fire. just like God refines us by the fires of life. i know that this trip for her was a time of 'refining' of her heart...so i wanted the journey of the art to truly represent that.....this was one of my favorite pieces i have done to date. i will post my past art pieces soon.

05 May 2006


There is this great little book that was published in 1991 and is no longer in print...it is AMAZING! "Mrs. Rosey Posey and the chocolate cherry treat" the book is about how you view yourself- the value you place on yourself and the VALUE that Jesus sees in each of us. the message is amazing- it was written for young children- but a great tool for youth ministry.

in the book mrs. rosey posey asks natalie olivia if she would rather be a used paper plate, a plain old dinner plate or a fine china plate.....what a great image to use with students.

so i have this friend who owns the book ( i have looked into getting it...but finding it used and the price of $52 has stoped me since the book sold for $3.99--- i may give in one day soon) and likes to present it to girls. so i had a 8th grade girls weekend (only 2 of my 8 came- but we charged ahead) and we spent the weekend talking about our identity- the worlds view on how we should live, look and be...the challenges that await in high school and who we want to become. we went to jane's house saturday night and enjoyed treats and the great story of mrs. rosey posey....now if i could just find the book somewhere and not have to sell a kidney to afford it....that would be amazing!

I (a meme) by Lizzy

okay so i was 'tagged' by mindi to do this- it has taken me awhile cause i just don't get it...really i don't knwo how this whole tag deal works- am i lame or what...but here goes!

I AM: a youth pastor, artist, and sinner in need of God's love and grace
I WANT: to start a camp where youth ministries can learn how to do short term missions better and create a place where teens who don't have it good at home can come and live- my dream would be called "Possibilty Place"- where dreams and reality meet and grow
I WISH: i had the money to make Possiblity Place happen and the know hows to do it!
I HATE: to see people hurt- physically or emotionally
I LOVE: my job- working with teens, doing mission work, living for Jesus
I MISS: my friends! Especially: Greg, Mindi, Tori, Martha and Janice
I FEAR: bad storms- both those that happen in the sky (YIKES) and the bad storms of life that attack your soul.
I HEAR: the heart beat of a dream
I WONDER: if i am truly living passionatly for Jesus and following His call in my life
I REGRET: allowing a situation to destroy my identity- trusting people who don't deserve it
I AM NOT: a quitter- even though that would be easier at times
I DANCE: in my dreams- as often as i can
I SING: all the time
I CRY: for others pain and sorrow....and for broken hearts
I AM NOT ALWAYS: right.....who is...but i am willing and trying to learn
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: art that speaks of the AWE of Jesus
I WRITE: what is beating in my heart
I CONFUSE: lots!
I NEED: to allow my dreams to guide me- to not fear any more
I SHOULD: dream more and dream big
I START: many many projects
I FINISH: 1/2 of them...the ones that i am passionate about

i don't know who to tag....so join in if you want...heck does anyone even read this blog?

Flat Stanley Visits Texas!

so yesterday in the mail i recieved a small package from a friend of mine in florida. i was a bit confused at first because it was her bday this week and if anything i should be sending her stuff.
so i get in my car to head to the office and in typical fashion i open my mail as i am driving down the road- YES I KNOW THIS IS NOT THE SAFEST THING TO DO!- so i pop open the package and out slides flat stanely- woo hoo i have company :-) haahaha.
to be honest i am excited about flat stanley- i love to help kids out with projects and how fun is this anyway. so yesterday flat stanely came with me to the high school for the yearly talent show. some of my students were taking part so it was even more fun. well at the close of the event one of the bands (with some of my students) played people out of the area- and flat stanely got to be part of the band for this number. here flat stanley plays the guitar with Maleko- Rock on Dude!