26 April 2007

did you know secular music = singleness?

yup neither did i! but hahah guess what i learned....
i was recently engaged in a conversation with someone of an 'older' generation and to be kind WAY more conservative religious view point than i... and we were just chatin when the subject of music came up... because of my past 'vocation' (you know youth pastor) this person was aghast- shocked- maybe even horrified to find that i listened to secular music. i mean some secular music was okay- like WAY oldies (and i could even agree that i liked oldies but not for reasons they gave) and classical music... other than that all other music should be religious biased ..and best would be be with out instruments.. (okay so you can guess what brand church they go too) so on they go and out comes the best comment I have heard to date for my singleness-- yes ladies and gents... singleness is not a sickness as reported in the past... but instead it is caused by listening to secular music...you see if i would just give up my country tunes... my 80's mixes... my other not christian tunes... well then God would forgive me of all my ills and WOW He would provide my missing spouse.. HUMMMM
It was all i could do not to laugh..i mean yes i agree that we can over do things. i believe that trash in- trash out. i am careful about what i do listen to. but yes, i do like secular music...but i also love christian music...with instruments! i don't' think that because i listen to secular music i am single.. i mean come on... if that were the case most of my Christian Friends would be single. i just believe that God is waiting for the right man..right time..do i wish He would hurry up sometimes? sure.. but other times i am okay with being single... i am in no hurry just to settle.. besides i am not sure that many men could have handled being married to youth pastor liz with the 70-90 hour work weeks that i did with out even blinking an eye.. so with that ..i'm keeping my tunes..and keeping my faith ..i'm loving Jesus.. and when and if the time is right... he will take care of it all! He will drop mr. right down in front of me with yellow roses and a green bow and all will be good! ... but until then...i gonna rock on... and DANCE through this journey we call life..hey you can't dance without music!
so dance on sistas and brothas dance on to the music of your hearts!
dancing the night away,

the deprograming and reprograming of lizzy...

well a huge shift of life ... no longer do i spend my days behind a desk at a church but now in a "corporate" office. i am only a few days into my 'new life' (whatever that is to mean) and things are going fine...yest VERY slow! gone are my LONG work days but HERE are my early mornings. UGH! i will admit i always enjoyed the freedom of 'unset' hours- but now i fund myself setting an alarm each evening to mark my rising hours- and WOW are they early. yet gone are the days of evening meetings and late night stuff- my day ents as promptly as it begins- a schedule- what the heck is that? Truly it will take some time to get use too- my body will adjust- RIGHT? can i change my internal clock that believes you can't sleep before 1am and rise before 9am? i mean i can force the wake up...but i can't force the sleep. CRAZY! okay to be fair i have done this before- but it has been a good 13 years! back in the days when i was working for the schools with my deaf students.. but i just am not a morning person.
beyond the shift of schedule is the shift of mindset....i will miss my students... bust not sure i will miss the politics of church work.... you expect it outside the church..but it is always hard inside the church. i look forward to forging new paths and seeing what God lays before me. especially with the mission ministry that he has laid on my heart all these years ago. finally now that i am not working 70-90 hours a week i will have some time to focus in on what it is He is calling me to do.... what it is He wants this to be...CRAZY ...but exciting... He is so big...we are so small... this journey is amazing ...as crazy as it is and as dizzy as we get it is worth each step!
so on with the de/re programing of lizzy!