19 May 2007

i'm so weird meme?

okay so mindiloohoo my buddy of buddies tagged me on this awhile a go but with the move...adjusting to mornings and NOT having my own computer (but I do now thanks to am amazing woman...more on that later) i am just now getting to this....

okay so the deal is I am suppose to list 6 strange/weird things about me (problem 1- i am weird/strange so this will be tough!) and tag 6 others to do the same.... not sure i know 6 others that blog who read my blog (does anyone read my blog?) to do the same....but cause she is my friend i will do it... here we go...

6 weird things about lizzy.... (strange things?)

1. growing up i always wanted 20 kids... yup you read that right 20. never even blinked an eye... then people would ask if i wand and equal number of boys and girls...and i would say "i don't care..i just want 10 white and 10 black" .. see i was raised in an air force community by parents who refused to allow us to see color... so i didn't and all i knew was i had these friends (well they were my dads friends...guys in the service with him) who would come over and hang out at our house to watch sports and such cause they mostly didn't have families... and they had the coolest sounding voices and the prettiest skin. i use to tell them i wanted a tan like theirs...and they would laugh at me and tell me that they had 'black skin and i had white skin and that God just born them that way.... so it wasn't a tan' so i decided that when i got older God would 'born me some kids with black skin and kids with white skin' cause i thought it was the most beautiful skin... now of course when i got older i finally figured out it didn't work that way....you don't get to pick the color...let alone the gender of your babies--- i would still love to have a multi cultural family.... adoption sounds amazing to me! :-)

2. i was convinced i could make shawn cassidy fall in love with me (if you don't know who he is...you are TOO YOUNG!...come on ...a do run run a do run run...and the hardy boys???) by re-enacting his 'circus of the stars' (remember those shows...oh my I AM old) act on my back yard swing set by jumping off the roof of my house onto our metal swing set trapeze...umm yeah ... lets just say Shawn Cassiday never heard of my wonderful act ...he never came to cheyenne, wyoming and swept me off my feet...and i just ended up with some stitches and a broken ankle and wrist... DANG HIM!... and OUCH did that hurt!

3. i am 34 and am afraid of the dark....yup there you have it! okay i have been my whole life....so it is legit! my rents say that i have been since i was born...they would put me in my crib as a baby and turn out the light and i would wake up screaming....they tried everything...even went to a head doc when i was like 6... he gave me an 'imaginary dog' which being the middle child i am ...i took to extremes...we had to by food, bowls...leash...you name it... we did it.. i would scream that people were sitting on oscar.. and a few days later my dad comes in my room and goes to turn the light off...and i'm like...oh you can't...i'm not afraid anymore...but oscar is...hahaha yeah they lost that one!

umm this is not easy...cause i am just weird....

4. i am a walking oxymoron....i love the funky look.. ya know spikey hair... more funky type clothes (not that i can truly wear them at work) ...but i also love a good pair of cowboy boots and jeans....and well my favorite sport? RODEO... hahah yeah people are always shocked to learn that fact.. i love a good rodeo...especially bull riding.. bareback...saddle bronc..basically the rough stock.. and men in some good wranglers..hahaha.. yeah my tastes are all over the map.. it always shocks people when we talk sports and i get all sorts of excited about rodeo... welcome wyoming... i was raised there after all!!!!! even my music tastes show my walking oxymoron... from country to 80's to worship music... to good instrumental... to punk/funk.. and even reggae... dang now i wanna go dancing... hahaha

5. i am a walking soundtrack-- thankfully i have ALMOST mastered the art of keeping it inside.almost! people say things and it triggers this little monkey in my mind and songs pop out... luckily i usually sing the lyrics only in my head as most of the time they are 80's tunes.. and i am with people who don't really know me yet.. haha.. but yeah.. and it is really bad when i am tired! and i always think i am funny when it is happening...and usually people just look at me...which is why i am trying to master the whole 'keep it in your head lizzy'

6. i'm a closet dancer...haha i love to dance... would go out dancing all the time if i had people to do it with...so instead i turn up music in my house and dance around all the time (not so much now that i am living with some friends) ...when i was younger my best friend sadie and i would make up dances and do them in her driveway for anyone walking or driving by...we would even do some on roller skates... i can STILL do the whole michael jackson thriller, beat it and billy jean video dances...and a few cyndi lopper video dances...and ashamed to say some madona as well.. oh my those were the days... now i just dance around the house..... yeah... watch out...so you think you can dance here i come...NOT! hahahahahaha thank you Jesus I am too old to even try out!

okay now who do i tag??? um how about Maryann Arnold... Lisa loo arnold... Heidi... Len... (though mindi may have...but he has yet to respond!) mirianda.....shayla.... and anyone who is reading this...and hey let me know you read it! hahah

sick joke them alarm clocks!

so it has been 4 weeks since my move back to midland...and the de-programing and re-programing is a slow and on going process. t is so strange. there are still moments on sunday evenings where i will glance at the clock and have a panic attack as i think i have missed and/or am late to youth. then i have the sweetest picture of two of my girls from s'ville all dressed up for prom on my desk that they gave me as i left town.... i look at it every day and i would be lying if i didn't admit to a wave of sadness washing over me. ...then this week i got the 'application for nywc vol staff' in my email inbox...which has always been the highlight of my year...and well this will be the FIRST time in 7 years that i will not be at the convention....and the first time in 6 years that i will not be at at least 2 convention--- i have volunteered with them for the last 6 years... everything from head qrts...to registration...to interpreting... it is so hard to admit that this year i won't be there... i may have to find a 'aa' type group meeting to attend during those times... that will be the real withdrawl... during that time it was the time i caught up with some of the friends i only get to see that time a year... UGH.. sad sad sad... little heart breaking... then I read on my buddy marko's blog late last night about the passing of Lee (from ted and lee) ... wow... more flood of memories... the last few years i have had the pleasure or interpreting for them at the NYWC there is something awe inspiring about putting out through my hands and my body what they are doing on stage...he will for sure be missed---- more floods of memories.....
this week has just been one of those weeks.... one of my 'kids' from my days here in midland is graduating from college (today) -UT- .. then thursday night i spoke at a dinner for a group of my 'kids' from here who are fixin to graduate from high school- it was crazy...they were my first group of 6th graders here...so my first confirmation kids... lots of firsts with them.. it was a sweet night.... but it was so odd to see these boys that use to have these HIGH voices and cute little chub and fit under my chin...come in with these deep voices... tall and slender....and just monster over me..yet when we saw each other it was like they were 13 again....but instead of my hugs engulfing them....their hugs engulfed me... *gulp*... yeah .. deprogram....reprogram... guess you never really take that part out of you... i may not work in the church full time....but i will always be apart of what is happening in the lives of teens...
i thought i had finally adjusted to my alarm clock ringing at 6:30/6:45 but this week i got to start PT again for my back so i had to rise at 6 on M/W/and F ....UGH... sick sick sick joke...haha not sure i will ever truly enjoy the alarm clock... really honestly WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS thought work should start so early in the morning????? oh well... it allowed me to come back to midland ....and it has allowed me to chase my dream of starting a mission ministry...one step at a time... slowly i know it will happen... i totally believe that...
alright this is a long strange post..
all over the place....but that is what i get for a week of little to no sleep thanks to some hick ups of life! mercy...when it rains it pours .... what the heck? ...oh well Jesus is bigger than any problem...so no worries mon!
Blessings...walking in circles and dizzy....but thankful that He guides the steps!