10 April 2008

a vist to hell... err i mean vegas airport

have you ever stopped and wondered 'humm what is hell like? hope i never find out? is it really like the visual image you read of in books? could it really be like it is said of in the Word?" ....
well after spending over 4 hours now STUCK in the Las Vegas airport--- i think i have had my glimpse into hell. in fact as i have sat here and watched in sadness the people around me, i have decided this really could be the next great stagging for the big 'revival' --- where is a good tv evangelist when you need one???
so here is what i have seen...
pretty much 80% of those i am surrounded by are the poster children(?) for the AARP- 1/2 of them look very upset because they just lost their last 2 of not 3 social security checks at the casinos and what change they did have in their pockets at the airport slots... the other 1/2 are on cloud 9 because they somehow smoked the man out and tripled their social security check---
you then have the young ... i'm now of legal age to come to vegas and PLAY crowd (NOTE TO THIS GROUP: run... RUN... don't walk to your nearest exit NOW!) most of them are walking heads down as they have pushed it too far and that "one last hand" to see if they could come back positive---took them further and further south.
you have some that didn't go that route... they just passing through... but yet here in vegas you can't escape- the machines are everywhere---
and there people sit. plunking coins and pulling handles... hoping... praying for a pay out... yet in 4 hours I haven't heard one person hit it... not one!
my heart breaks-- i want to go tell them they are hoping and praying for the wrong pay out. that they can yank the lil arm all night and even if the coins fall out-- it is still EMPTY.... but the spinning and clanging and noise drowns out any hope of a conversation.
so i'll sit and pray... and watch... and wonder about the real story of their lives...
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